Lauren Sinreich is a strategic designer, systems thinker, qualitative researcher, communicator and coach. She has nearly two decades of experience delivering designs, stories, strategies and advice that are ethical, value-driven, and illuminating.

Currently, she is Principal of Design Research at Coforma.  Previously: she led the values-driven strategic design consulting practice, Whole Innovation and Design; she was Director of Enterprise Design in Bank of America’s Global Information Security organization, where she pitched, built and led an in-house design strategy team. Prior to that, she worked as an independent qualitative research and strategy consultant for a number of years. In her work, she has developed the strategy for winning multi-million dollar initiatives; designed and carried out deep and meaningful qualitative research; delivered impactful, community-oriented messages and stories; and worked across sectors across industries, including energy efficiency, finance, social innovation, information security, sustainable development among others; and has worked on projects with organizations such as the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, American Express, the Kauffman Foundation, UNESCAP, and New Media Ventures.

Lauren serves as an advisor Pragmatic Insititute’s Design Advisory Board, and as a mentor and coach to people through programs including TechStars’ Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, New Museum’s NEW INC, U of Denver’s Project X-ITE and Complexity University’s Gigatonne Challenge.

Lauren holds a Masters of Environmental Studies from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and a Bachelors in Communications and Global Studies from Fordham University in NYC. She is currently based in Boulder, CO. For more information, review the sample projects in her portfolio below, visit her LinkedIn profile, or get in touch with her at lauren [at] wearewhole [dot] co.


Greater Than

The impacts of our businesses are often greater than the sum of our intentions. At a time when expectations of businesses are evolving, the HOW of business is more important than ever. In these episodes, Host Lauren Sinreich talks with business leaders about methodologies that uncover power dynamics, new ways of identifying effective metrics, creating the conditions for achieving more rather than just doing more, the most critical skills organizations need moving forward, how values are now a competitive advantage, and a range of other topics that guide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as we create the world around us through our businesses.


Panels, Talks, Appearances, Publications

Service Design Critique Panel, School of Visual Arts Master of Fine Arts in Design Program. December 2020.

Design for Good or Evil: World Usability Day Panel, New York City User Experience Professionals Association. November 2018.

Enhancing vs. Replacing Human Function, Inside the Design Studio, General Assembly June 2018.

Maker City: A Practical Guide to Reinventing Our Cities. 2016.

Collaborating with a Muddy Road and an Ailing Forest: Construction of Ecological Citizenship in San Francisco Libre. Journal of Latin American Geography, 2014.

Fast Company, April 2012.