Whether it’s professionally or personally, I help you reframe change and challenges into empowering and transformational opportunities.

Here’s what I know: The only constant is change. And many of us struggle with the transitional tension as we navigate uncharted territory. We know we can’t control everything, and that trying to makes us less happy. But we often overlook what we do have the ability to control: how we respond and rise to challenges, and how we show up for ourselves and those we care for. The most important thing is what we make of our experiences. The way I see it, that’s good news:

Change, challenge and uncertainty are some of the most effective teachers in developing tools to grow as a person and as a professional.

Together, we navigate personal and professional transitions and explorations (big and small, introspective and out in the world), re-imagining systems and practices that feel like they’re coming up short, with an emphasis on being true to your own personal ethics.
“If you are someone looking for coaching to take your career to the next level, but especially if you are also seeking transformation across different paradigms in your life beyond your professional goals, Lauren can help you bring all of that work together into one cohesive process and provide additional tools for your toolbox as you navigate through the next steps of your experience.” -K.M.S.
Working together, we focus on developing tools that work for you, building emotional intelligence and awareness, and leveraging the power of how you perceive the world and your life, all to authentically and meaningfully show up in the world with more ease and effectiveness.

My approach is informed by a range of important influences. I use my expertise as a qualitative researcher to get to the heart of what matters most and why. I use a strong grasp of psychology as one of several lenses through which to help understand, not as a way to diagnose. I pepper in solutioning methods I’ve developed through work as a design strategist; real-world philosophical exploration around existentialism, stoicism and eastern thought; and well-being techniques honed through contemplative practices and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training.  With me, you’ll get a good balance of whimsy and practicality, strength and softness, and unconventional wisdom that dives deep for calmer water and leaves the choppy seas to change with the weather.

Coaching works best if we initially have an initial series of a 4 to 6 calls, with calls every 2 to 4 weeks. This allows for enough time to establish a strong rapport, as well as to start implementing some of the things discussed and to note and respond to feedback loops. We can then explore continuing on a regular or as-needed basis. To book a time with me or to find out more, you can reach me at LS [at] LAURENSINREICH [dot] COM 


“It has been a total pleasure working with you, and I have gained so much in terms of my strategic vision and leadership development.” E.A.

. . . . .

“Lauren is all the things you would want from a coach, compassionate, patient, calming and grounding. She will challenge you in a way that will encourage you to look and listen more closely to your inner dialogue and actions. And above all, Lauren’s ability to bring forward nuanced truths and insights that are whole heartedly a part of you, but you may not otherwise recognize on account of all that life noise and clutter is a true gift and core competency of hers. I cannot recommend Lauren enough.” – K.B

. . . .

“Working with Lauren has been a transformational experience ever since our first conversation. In my coaching sessions with her, Lauren is warm, candid, and -above all- deeply helpful…” – K.M.S

. . . .

“Your mentorship and guidance has profoundly changed me as a person and as a professional.” – C.Y.

Have questions? Want to book in a session? Email me directly at LS [at] LAURENSINREICH [dot] COM.  

Exploratory conversations are 30 minutes with receipt of donation to a cause or organization of your choice.

Ongoing sessions are 50 minutes and $150 per session.

If sessions are financially prohibitive, get in touch and we can explore options.


Why work with me?

There is no shortage of coaches to choose from, and each offers a unique approach, perspective, and skillset. Here are mine:

With close to 20 years of experience as a qualitative researcher, strategist, systems thinker, communicator and leader, I am adept at getting to the heart of what matters most, why it matters, and how to go about addressing it. I have leveraged these skills as an advisor to Pragmatic Insititute’s Design Advisory Board, and as a mentor and coach to people through programs including TechStars’ Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, New Museum’s NEW INC, U of Denver’s Project X-ITE and Complexity University’s Gigatonne Challenge.

I leverage the rich synergy between coaching and design research and strategy to generate valuable insights and action plans. Being a researcher critically informs my ability to listen and ask the right questions to bring out truths. Being a strategist is where that understanding gets effectively transformed into a constructive way forward. Through this approach to coaching, I help professionals make the personal strides necessary to make success at work not just possible but a reality.

I don’t write about change just because I think it’s timely. It’s because it’s a fundamental element of life that I’ve not only accepted but embraced as a tool for growth. I am a perpetual student of the possibilities of life, in myself, in work, and in my relationships. I explore and learn as much as possible. That means I’ve pushed my comfort zones by traveling and working around the world, from Thailand to Nicaragua to Australia; I’ve worked for startups and small nonprofits, for myself and for large corporations; I explore deserts, forests, small towns, and cosmopolitan cities; I question what the changing role of relationships and work should look like as we evolve as people and a society. Everything I’ve ever explored and questioned offers a trove of tools, perspectives and considerations to those embarking on their own journeys.

If this resonates with you and you want to explore working together, email me. LS [at] LAURENSINREICH [dot] COM 


*Important note: I am not a therapist. If you are interested in working on mental health issues, I can recommend therapists in conjunction with our work, and I am happy to work in collaboration with your therapist.